What's in the Signature I Feel Pretty Box?

Accessories, clothing and simple home items! The I Feel Pretty Box is curated with the upcoming season in mind. The style is minimalist and casual. Pieces that will keep you looking cute for the next season running around doing whatever you gotta do. This can range from anything jewelry to wardrobe to home. 

Perfect for those who are busy, love a surprise and don't have the time or energy to research what is in style and then go out to find it. We put a box together for you and give it to you for a great price! Think of it like a surprise birthday gift….but 4 times a year!

How much is a box?

$189 quarterly.

Can anyone purchase a box?

Yes. We do, however, often source from small designers and some pieces are custom made for you so there is a limited availability and subscribers get first dibs.

What happens if the boxes are sold out?

Join our wait-list. We will let you know as soon as we have more and at that time you will get an email.

Will I be wait-listed if I am already an I Feel Pretty subscription member?

No, as an active subscription member you are automatically guaranteed the next box. 


When do I have to order by to be guaranteed the next box?


If you are subscribed, you are guaranteed the next box. If you are looking to order for just one season, stay tuned to our social media accounts to see when the window to order is! Also, send us a message that way we can send you an email when we plan to go live.

Can I cancel?

Yes, anytime!

You can cancel anytime as long as your payment has not gone through and with 15 days notice from next bill date as this is when we give our suppliers the numbers we need. We cannot do refunds, so please ensure that you keep billing date in your own calendar.

When will I be billed for my next subscription box?

You will be billed every 3 months from your personal date of purchase.

When can I expect my delivery?

Subscription Boxes are delivered Early to mid December, March, June, September.

What if something in my box is damaged?

All our designers have amazing guarantees. We do our best to ensure each supplier has the best policies regarding their products. Please take a photo and send it to us immediately if so.

Can I Return the box or items from the box?

Unfortunately we cannot accept any returns or exchanges of box or items. If pieces are damaged the supplier will work directly with you to replace it. But if there is something you don't like, we welcome you to re-gift it as all the items hold value and would make wonderful gifts!

Can I gift a box?

First of all, we honoured that you love the box this much xo. And yes! You can gift!