About Us

Hi Beautiful!

Welcome to I Feel Pretty Box, a box curated especially for you by an amazing team and myself! 

A little about me, I'm a mom to 2 little beauties and wife to an amazing husband. I founded the company, however, I have a team of amazing women that help and helped us get here. We're based out of Alberta, Canada. I love a casual style. I am constantly running around so I created this box for people like me.

I started this box because this is what I would want; someone to just put some cute, casual items together once in a while so I can throw them on and run out of the house or add a little something to my home, keeping it fresh. Secondly, I wanted only quality items that can hold their value so if something wasn't my style, I could re-gift it to someone.

I was a part of a couple subscription boxes and I received SO many lotions, creams, candles, oils and makeup that I have an impressive collection, I actually don't have a friend without her own collection building up. So everything in the I Feel Pretty Box is non-consumable. If an item isn't for you, it will make a great gift for someone in your life. We got you!

A special thanks to our many great friends who helped out at the get-go and all our amazing subscribers for supporting us!!! LOVE YOU!



Shanet and the Ladies at I Feel Pretty Box